Waffles with Blueberry Compote

February 1, 2015 in Breakfast | 4 comments

After my recipe for the BEST WAFFLES EVER, you wouldn’t expect a high school girl to need another waffle recipe, especially a high school girl who is having the most stressful semester in her life right now and doesn’t have time to do anything. But that is precisely why I need another waffle recipe.
You see, the other one requires so much preparation and time that I don’t have right now that I am practically a nervous wreck trying to make waffles (aka have a life), finish homework, and do projects.
I wanted to make waffles that tasted just as perfect and delicious as the other waffles.
Um, yeah impossible feat. Baking powder will never be able to create the complex flavor of yeast. Oil (my attempt to make these kinda healthy), will never taste as good as a whole two sticks of butter. And of course time is the best remedy, but that is also what I am in most need of right now.
So I made these waffles. No planning ahead, no preparation, basically all you have to do is throw all the ingredients in a bowl, whisk, and cook. And I happen to think these waffles are THE BOMB.
Ever so slightly crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. Oh and don’t get me started on the blueberry compote.

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Banana Pancakes

January 25, 2015 in Breakfast | 4 comments

The stress of second semester is really starting to kick in. I figuratively fall over the piles of books and papers for projects and homework and when the reality of high school starts to dawn on me, I want to crawl into a hole and hide.
I feel like I’m on the edge of a cliff, tottering and faltering, and hanging to the last strand keeping me upright.

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{Healthier} Chocolate Cupcakes {vegan, gluten-free}

January 11, 2015 in Cakes | 8 comments

We seriously returned to school for 1 day (it was supposed to be a week) and then get bombarded by snow days and cold days. What’s a cold day you ask? A day where it’s so fricking cold that you will be frozen within 10 minutes (provided that you’re brave enough to walk outside for 10 minutes, that is).



I was soooo grateful. I mean, what else do you do when you feel so overwhelmed by the amount of homework/projects you have on the first day you get back, that you want to crawl into a cave and never come out? Tell the weather to behave badly… And that’s exactly what happened. I spent those days researching and researching… and of course, more research.

But these precious days also gave me a chance to test and develop a recipe for these chocolate cupcakes when my eyes could not focus anymore!! Let’s just say, I made them everyday that we were off, and omg are they delicious!

I wanted them to be filling, good for you, and delicious. They turned out exactly that… with some added bonuses! I added oat flour, that I sifted to make sure it was really fine, and used a tiny amount of coconut oil, which is supposed to be good for you (and it smells amazing, so how could I resist?).


But then I realized, if I was in a hurry, and didn’t have time to pulse oats into flour, and then stand there sifting it, how would I make this cupcake? And what if I don’t have coconut oil?

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New York Style Bagels {a step by step guide with .gifs} + Maple Cinnamon Butter

January 4, 2015 in Breads | 6 comments



I hope you all had a great holiday season!!! I baked a TON of stuff, but really didn’t think any of it was that special… So, I’ve been gone for 3 weeks. But now we can get back to the regular posts right?

And O. M. GEEE!!! I cannot believe it’s 2015 already! Of course, I will end up writing 2014 on all of my assignments until March, but still, 2015! Nearly 15 years on this planet…


Back when I had only spent 13 years on this planet, I ate those blueberry bagels for breakfast almost everyday. Then one day, I decided to make my own. They were plain and tasted really plain… Good, but not extremely special. So the next time I made them, I put fresh strawberries in them (we had too many strawberries that were going bad). Yeah, lesson learned. NEVER put in fresh fruit into bagel dough and then let your stand mixer knead it for 10 minutes. These bagels turned out a pinkish purple color and kind of bitter tasting. They were absolutely disgusting. I told myself that I was never going to make bagels again.

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Meringue Mushrooms {gluten-free!}

December 7, 2014 in Other sweets | 9 comments


Last year, my friend and I made a Buche de Noel for Reveillon, the annual French club dinner. We had never made a roll cake before, and we wanted to find a traditional recipe. Well, if yule logs are French, then a recipe in French must be perfect, right?



Our first mistake came with using Google Translate for the recipe.

“1 cuillère à café de levure” = “1 teaspoon of yeast”

hum… something doesn’t seem right… But maybe it’s a French thing to put yeast in cakes…

Second mistake: Trusting Google Translate.

So we put in dry yeast and stuck the cake in the oven. It came out tasting like sweetened eggs and yeast.

It took us 6 hours to make a practice Buche de Noel. We had to make the cake twice (second time with a recipe we could actually read), and then we made little meringue mushrooms.

We found out after putting them on the cake for an hour that they melt under humidity. They became sticky and soft… and utterly gross.

Well, it was a good thing that that time it was a trial run!

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Chocolate Cookie Sticks {with pistachios, candy cane, and toasted coconut!}

November 30, 2014 in Cookies | 4 comments


Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving (to those who celebrate it…)!

I went on a baking spree with the most delicious outcome. :D
A seriously delicious chocolate cake with buttercream frosting adapted from here and two pies (because Thanksgiving screams PIE!!!) the classic Libby’s pumpkin pie from here and an apple pie.


And guess what??? Finals are coming aka the exams that every high schooler dreads. They’re worth 10%-20% (most teachers like 20%) of a class’s semester grade, which means if you decide to turn your test over, draw a flower on the back of the test and walk out, your A (in both 9 weeks), will turn into a C. Cry.

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Orange Ginger Almond and Oat Cake {vegan}

November 23, 2014 in Breakfast , Cakes | 6 comments


It’s evident from my recipe index that I don’t bake “normal” cakes very much. The only thing that actually looks like a cake was the vanilla mini cake and even that looks a bit odd.

I need more cakes. Seriously, why don’t I bake fluffy concoctions more often?


Even this, isn’t a picturesque cake. One, it’s shaped in a loaf. They’re a lot easier to cut that way. Also, frosting? Um, no thanks, I don’t have the time (finals in 4 weeks!!! aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh). I’ll just pour on the glaze if I want a sugar high. Also, it’s kinda dense and crumbly, but oh so moist and orangey!!!


Yes, that’s the other thing. Orange. ORANGE people, I need my ORANGES!!! They’re in season right now, and I have 20 pounds of them laying in my garage. They are tempting me like crazy…

Plus, this cake is amazingly filling. This way, I don’t have to go down and eat the whole cake in one day and have to bake another one.



Almonds, oats, and whole wheat flour and orange juice (no mentioning the butter). Sounds like breakfast to me!!! :D


P.S. You might have also noticed from my recipe index that I haven’t updated in like a MILLION years. I promise I’ll get to it sometime!

Orange Ginger Almond and Oat Cake {vegan}
3/4 cup almonds
3/4 cup oats
1/2 cup flour (ap, whole wheat)
2 oranges (zested and juiced)
1 thin slice of ginger
1 stick of softened butter
1/2 cup packed brown sugar
2 tsp baking powder

Preheat the oven to 350 F.

Pour the almonds and oats in the food processor along with the zest of the two oranges and the slice of ginger. Pulse until fine and floury.

Cream the butter with the sugar until fluffy. Squeeze in the orange juice from the two oranges, Mix together (this might be a bit lumpy, but that's okay).

Add in the stuff from the food processor along with the baking powder.

Bake for 45 minutes, or until golden and a toothpick comes out clean.

Glaze with powdered sugar and a bit of orange juice, if desired.


Chocolate Dipped Coconut Cookies with Pomegranate Salt/Sugar

November 16, 2014 in Cookies | 10 comments



There were so many cookie mishaps in my childhood. One, I nearly used cream cheese instead of butter. You can read about it here.


Two, most of the time I would try to ‘healthify’ these cookies. I would reduce the sugar a lot and then use oil instead of butter (we didn’t buy that much butter and sugar). This ended up in oily lumps that would make me wonder what I did wrong when I ‘followed the instructions exactly.’

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